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The Live Free Community app offers a simple and safe way to bring mentors and proteges together who share a common struggle with porn and lust. Experience authentic community, find real accountability with other men, and get access to exclusive content offering practical teaching — all in one place.

If you’ve felt alone and without hope, the Live Free Community app might be the very thing you need to change the game and bring freedom to your life.

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    Let the world know exactly how unique you are with a custom bio and summary of your activities all in one place.

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    Connect with other members and build meaningful relationships that breed success and accountability.

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    Reach out to other men in those moments when you need support and encouragement the most. Ask questions and share in real-time with real people who care about you and want you to find success.

  • Groups for All Types of Men

    Be a part of our group as well as any public group allowing for more connection with and encouragement by others who share common interests and life experiences.

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    Ask questions and get advice from our hosts and other members on the same journey.

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    Find other community members that live in the same area and share similar interests and goals.

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    Enjoy all the features of a full social network experience, but with no ads or SPAM, and complete privacy.

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    Hear from our community hosts and contributors as they share insight, advice, and answer your most common questions.

  • Free and Premium Resources

    Learn from our experts and trusted partners through free and premium courses available to you in our community.


We created this community to bring men together—a place to meet, encourage,
challenge, and learn from each other.

Our goal is to help you find freedom, hope, and success:

  • MEET OTHER MEN so that we can share our struggles, exchange ideas, and challenge one another to reach our goals.
  • MAKE BETTER DECISIONS with the power of like-minded community. Studies show that being part of a group raises serotonin levels and increases our capacity to make decisions that accurately reflect our goals and values.
  • GET ANSWERS to the burning questions you just can’t Google when it comes to finding freedom from porn addiction and navigating life.
  • GET INSTANT ACCESS to exclusive weekly video content, articles, daily tips, virtual events, and more.
  • FIND INSPIRATION and get encouragement from your peers. 💪


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$2.99 /mo

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Free Courses

Supportive Community

Desktop, Android, and iOS

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$24.99 /year

Weekly Content

Free Courses

Supportive Community

Desktop, Android, and iOS

what people say

This gave me the push to talk with my pastor and get the conversation into the open with people I was close to.

1 / 4
– John

Being a part of a group has helped me work on healing my pain with other men who are actively pursuing the same health and wholeness, and it’s encouraged me and pushed me to a new level of freedom!

2 / 4
– Gavin

This has helped me find a community that supports and encourages me with zero judgment.

3 / 4
– Salvatore

What you guys are doing is fantastic and I can see the positive impact it is having on all the guys in the group, no matter where they are on their journey to freedom. Since the beginning of the year, I have now become a lot more self-aware of how I respond to certain situations and pressures and am slowly learning how to identify and deal with the feelings that I have inside of me.

4 / 4
– Greg